The best way to share how RestWellLegsFx™ works is to tell the story of our discovery that has led to this incredible product.

We began our research a little over five years ago with the objective of understanding and eradicating poor quality sleep. Proper sleep is critical for having good health and happiness. Problems with sleep causes suffering for tens of millions of people in the United States and even more worldwide. In terms of suffering disturbances in sleep can easily lead to serious problems in the workplace and also can take a severe toll on personal relationships. Sleep is so important! We quickly learned that a major reason for problems with falling sleep and enjoying peaceful sleep is having tired, fatigued, and restless legs. We decided to make solving the legs part of the healthy sleep equation the focus of our research efforts. We chose to take on this challenge because we believed we could solve it by applying of our special expertise in advanced software techniques and molecular biology. Consequently, we have created a set of sophisticated tools that have given us a deeper insight into sleep and the factors that interfere with a good nights sleep.

From this work we have discovered that there is a genetic variation, called a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), located in a specific gene region, also referred to as a locus encoding a unique sequence of amino acids, that has been linked to restless legs and related poor quality sleep. We determined, through a careful study of these genes and related genes that the higher frequency of gene allelic association is present in douroucouli, a New World night monkey of the Aotus genus. This was a breakthrough finding since this monkey has a bedtime diet that typically includes fruit of the common fig (Ficus carica). This monkey moves around nocturnally foraging until it finds and consumes its typical meal of figs; then the monkey falls into a deep restful sleep.

We humans are no different from these monkeys in our basic nutritional needs. From this and other discoveries we have identified the perfect nutritional supplement that is specially formulated to promote well-rested legs to improve the quality of healthy sleep. This all natural nutritional supplement, RestWellLegsFx™  is patent-pending and only available to you exclusively online.

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