How It Works

 A good way to explain how RestWellLegsFx™ works is to share the story of our groundbreaking discovery that has led to the development and commercialization of this revolutionary product.

Our story begins a little over five years ago. We started our research with the objective of understanding and eradicating poor quality sleep. Proper sleep is critical for having good health and happiness. Problems with sleep causes suffering for tens of millions of people in the United States and even more worldwide. In terms of suffering disturbances in sleep can easily lead to serious problems in the workplace and also can take a severe toll on personal relationships. Sleep is so important!

We quickly learned that a major reason for problems with falling sleep and enjoying peaceful sleep is having tired, fatigued, and restless legs. We decided to make solving the "legs" part of the "healthy sleep" equation the focus of our research efforts. We chose to take on this challenge because we believed we could solve it by applying of our special expertise in advanced software techniques and molecular biology. Consequently, we have created a set of sophisticated genetic analysis tools that has given us a deeper insight into sleep and the external factors that interfere with a good nights sleep.

From this work we have discovered that the difference in the genes between people is associated with different conditions. Specifically, a difference in the genes, called a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), is located in a specific gene region that has been linked to increased risk of suffering from restless legs.

We have determined, through a careful study of the genes that this SNP marker for restless legs is also found in a new world night monkey called douroucouli. This nocturnal monkey is a member of the genus Aotus and has a nighttime diet that includes fruit of Ficus carica as a major component. The monkey forages until it finds and consumes the meal; then the monkey falls into a deep restful sleep. In many ways, we humans are no different.

From the discovery of the importance of Ficus carica we have been able to identify a optimal nutritional supplement based on an extract of the fruit as well as a proprietary blend of all natural sleep-promoting herbal extracts. This innovative nutritional supplement is specially formulated to promote well-rested legs and to improve the quality of healthy sleep.

RestWellLegsFx™  is patent-pending and only available exclusively online.

Order today and see for yourself what RestWellLegsFx™ can do for your sleep health!