We are here to help you have well-rested legs and get a good nights sleep the natural way!

RestLegs™ is our family of products that have been developed over the course of years of cutting edge research into understanding the reason why some people have restless legs and others do not. 

Our company is dedicated to improving the lives of our customers through better nutrition based on rigorous science. We are working to help you to get a good nights sleep the natural way. As such, our nutritional supplement products are supported by an overwhelming wealth of information. We have formulated products that will have a positive impact on the health and lives of every single on of our customers.

We are an extraordinary team of researchers, based in the United States, that is composed of specialists from all fields of science, including medical doctors, bioengineers, and data scientists. One of the physicians on our team contributes a special expertise as a board certified sleep specialist.

Indeed, some of our researchers, their spouses, and other family members all suffered from having restless legs which also resulted in difficulty falling asleep. RestWellLegs™ relieved their symptoms and allowed them to achieve restful sleep. This means that the importance of our work has taken on a special personal significance and is also well-appreciated on a personal level.

Our team has taken a new approach to the science of sleep by applying sophisticated software methods that analyze all available comparative genomic data. The purpose was to model the underlying causes of various types of leg fatigue and aches, especially those directly associated with poor sleep. Our objective has been to support our scientific findings regarding nutritional supplements with clinical studies and peer-reviewed research.

Based on our intensive research, we have discovered a revolutionary new natural remedy product, RestWellLegs™, to provide lasting relief from restless legs without the risk of side effects. RestWellLegs™ is safe, gentle, and effective all-natural remedy. 

Now RestWellLegs™ is available to you!

Please check back frequently for updates about our new products. We are busy researching new formulations and expect to have new products to add to our existing product line soon.