Why are Nutritional Deficiencies Important to Restless Legs?

There are literally thousands of articles published every year with opinions by so-called experts and other leading authorities that pontificate on the relationships between nutrition and suffering from restless legs as well as concomitant sleep problems. The problem is that these communities of researchers have really only looked at the potential for benefit from clinical studies and a clinical perspective. Recent genetic and genomics research has discovered links that were only dreamed of previously. This research has revealed associated susceptibility genes, single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), and related connections between the nutritive molecules and the bodily conditions. Unfortunately, these findings have not meaningfully translated into direct or specific knowledge of “why” various nutritional deficiencies are associated with restless legs. The mechanisms are yet poorly understand. The nutritional deficiency triggers of restless legs are well established but there is a diversity of scientific opinions on the molecular mechanisms that explain the causative reasoning behind these triggers. There are so many theories concerning the causative relationship between certain nutritional deficiencies and restless legs that it is almost impossible to sort them out. Anecdotal evidence is not enough but until further advances are made into the science the understanding of

To get to the bottom of this scientific quandary, in-depth study and analysis of the genetics of why some people suffer form restless legs and some people suffer from poor sleep (plus related conditions) can give great insight into how various nutritional deficiencies influence the symptoms of these often devastating conditions.

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