How Do I Get Calm Legs?

How Do I Get Calm Legs?

 RestWellLegsFx™ is intended to soothe and calm legs.It contains a proprietary blend of carefully formulated natural herbals and plant-based supplements, that includes valerian root.

Valerian is a flowering plant that typically grows throughout grasslands in Asia and Europe. Valerian root is well-known to be safe and easily absorbed and has a long history of use as a safe and effective natural remedy that soothes and calms a person generally.  Results of multiple clinical studies suggest that valerian root  may reduce the amount of time it takes in falling asleep, help a person to sleep better, and act as a calming agent or anxiolytic.  For more information on the historical uses of valerian root please see the following reference: Blumenthal M., The ABC Clinical Guide to Herbs. New York: Theime Publishers. (2003) pages 350-367.

The importance of the fact that valerian ingredients have been shown in research and scientific studies to improve sleep cannot be overstated since improved sleep results in a higher degree of happiness and and better quality of life.  Peaceful sleep is critical to daily energy, mental acuity, and a good mood. Beyond its use as a natural sedative and sleep aid, recent research has also shown valerian root to be beneficial in some people in easing painful legs and calm legs. 

With a special formulation that includes valerian root, RestWellLegsFx™ is intended to reduce Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) symptoms; helping you to sleep great again and ease and calm legs.  Avoid harsh side effect of synthetic chemicals while getting lasting everyday relief with this natural based formula that has been tested for potency and safety. 

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